Diving into traffic coatings for parking structures

Traffic coatings are protective layers that enhance the durability of high-traffic areas like parking garages. Here, we will educate you on the common challenges of parking structures and the benefits and types of traffic coatings.

Common challenges with parking structures

Vehicle movement puts stress on the concrete, which can lead to cracks. These cracks can lead to flooding and corrosion and reduce the concrete’s load-carrying capacity. Damage, such as cracks and flooding in high-foot-traffic zones of parking structures, can lead to slips, trips, and accidents.

Benefits of traffic coatings

Traffic coatings enhance the durability and longevity of parking structures. They provide protection against the oil, chemicals, and other debris that vehicles and pedestrians track onto the concrete and provide slip resistance.

Types of traffic coatings

Typical products used for traffic coatings include:

  • Elastomeric polyurethane systems – used to prevent further cracking or damage to older parking structures.
  • Epoxy broadcast systems – non-waterproof coating designed for moderate to high-traffic areas.
  • Latex/vinyl copolymer systems – the same color as concrete but used as a temporary solution because they are not waterproof and can crack themselves.
  • PMMA/PUMA systems – dry rapidly but are ineffective on wet concrete areas.
  • Sealers – don’t change the look of the concrete and require frequent reapplication.

Applying traffic coatings

Each traffic coating product will have different steps for application. Overall, these steps may include:

  • Applying primer
  • Filling in cracks
  • Installing the traffic coating
  • Installing the wear coat
  • Broadcasting aggregate
  • Installing the topcoat

Investing in traffic coatings for heavy-use areas is a big step towards ensuring durability and reliability. They increase surface strength, enhance aesthetics, and simplify maintenance. Contact us if you have questions about traffic coatings or parking structure repairs or if you need traffic coatings repaired or reapplied for your parking structure.