Protecting the Future, Preserving the Past


Defending your building: elastomeric coatings

Water is the ancient enemy of structures everywhere. From the very oldest times, builders have been trying to find ways to keep water from infiltrating their buildings. Today, we have many different ways of doing that—and one of the best is elastomeric paint.

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Hail: the hidden danger to EIFS and stucco

Did you know that your building might be in danger?
EIFS and stucco are two of the most common commercial building materials in Oklahoma. But they have an enemy that can tear them apart without you even realizing.

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Anti-graffiti coatings and their benefits

Is graffiti hurting your neighborhood? Paint company Valspar put together some research on graffiti and concluded that $12 billion is spent every year on cleanup. Property values in graffiti-covered areas go down by 25 to 50 percent. In terms of money, graffiti is one of the single biggest factors that can drive down property values and business revenues alike. And it can happen surprisingly fast.

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EIFS repair: Keeping your building sturdy

When it comes to commercial building exteriors, EIFS is one of the top products on the market. EIFS, the colloquial name for Exterior Insulation and Finish System, is sometimes called “fake stucco”. It’s an exterior finish that combines durability, extra insulation and a clean, modern look.

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Should you get your mortar repaired?

Is your masonry in good shape?
Tuckpointing, or the process of replacing old and worn-out mortar with new mortar, is one of the key procedures in keeping old masonry up to standard. But if you’re trying to schedule a time to get it done, when is the best chance to have it done right? What does it take to get your mortar tuckpointed correctly?

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Solving your graffiti problems

Has your business had problems with graffiti? No one’s excited about showing up to work and finding a fresh new tag on the side of the building. It’s unsightly for your customers, it’s a pain to remove, and you have to deal with it quickly to keep up your business’s reputation.

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