Top tips for stucco exterior maintenance

Well-maintained stucco can last over 50 years because it expands and contracts with the weather. But poorly maintained or improperly installed stucco can be more than an eyesore; it can lead to rot and other damage. Here are some tips for maintaining the stucco exterior of your commercial property.

Regular inspection and cleaning

Depending on your commercial building’s location, you should inspect its stucco every few years. However, if you’re in a wet or low-lying area, you should inspect it annually because it is more susceptible to mold.

There are three levels of inspection you can do for your stucco:

  • Visual inspection – check for cracks or damage with a simple visual inspection.
  • Non-invasive inspection – thermal imaging checks for damage not showing on the surface.
  • Invasive inspection – small holes are drilled to take images and check for moisture.

Cleaning is essential to remove dirt, mold, and mildew buildup. Use a mild soap and water solution unless you see mold or mildew, in which case a mixture of water and bleach should stop growth. Avoid using high-pressure water because that can cause damage.

Repairing cracks and chips promptly

If not addressed, cracks and chips can lead to moisture buildup and mold or mildew. Small cracks can be filled and sealed, and larger damage should be repaired properly.

Applying protective coatings

Protective stucco coatings can be applied with a paintbrush, roller, or airless sprayer. Waterproofing and sealants prevent moisture infiltration, and stain-resistant coatings make cleanup easier. UV-resistant sealants protect against sun fading.

Maintaining your stucco regularly will preserve its integrity and the value of your commercial property. When was the last time you had your building’s stucco inspected?

If you have questions about stucco maintenance or want an inspection or repairs, contact JK Industries today.