Corrosive inhibitors in parking garage preservation

Corrosion poses a significant threat to parking garages, hindering their structural integrity. This article discusses using corrosive inhibitors to safeguard against corrosion and extend the lifespan of parking structures.

Understanding corrosion in parking garages

The main corrosive elements are chlorides and sulfates. These react with water and oxygen to cause corrosion from the oxidation of steel. Some internal and external factors that can cause corrosion in the concrete of parking structures are:

  • Moisture – in high-humidity areas and those regularly exposed to water, it can cause reactions with corrosive agents.
  • Permeability of concrete – without the proper mix and use of additives, concrete can be too porous and let water and corrosive agents pass through to the steel.
  • Salt and de-icing chemicals – during the thaw and freeze cycle, these corrosive elements chemically react with concrete to cause cracking and delamination of the substrate.
  • Shrinkage in concrete – as the water evaporates in the concrete, it shrinks, leading to cracks through which corrosive agents can penetrate.
  • Water and cement ratio – excessive water in the cement makes it more porous and allows water to interact with corrosive agents.

Role of corrosive inhibitors

Some corrosive inhibitors are additives mixed into the concrete when it first contacts the steel. Others are applied to the concrete surface and reach the steel through capillary pores or tiny drilled holes.

Here are some corrosive inhibitor systems:

  • Active inhibitors – applied to the concrete surface and make their way to the steel to form a protective film.
  • Passive inhibitors – applied to the concrete surface and are absorbed to reduce humidity near the steel rebar.
  • Epoxy coatings – act as a barrier against water and chemicals, can be used as grout to fix cracks, and add an aesthetic appeal.

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