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Do concrete joints need to be sealed?

By Jake Barnhart | Jul 19, 2021

Water-resistant concrete is designed to withstand water exposure, but only if it is functioning properly. Joints are common fail points in water-resistant concrete, especially when they are not sufficiently sealed. Water infiltration can rust the rebar supporting the concrete and erode the structure from within. With concrete joint sealing, you can bypass these issues and protect the integrity of the concrete structure.

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What’s the difference between a parking lot and a parking garage?

By Jake Barnhart | Jul 12, 2021

Whether you’re moving to a new location or constructing a commercial property, parking is an essential consideration. Where will your guests and employees park, and will the parking area support the volume of vehicles you’ll have? Let’s compare parking garages and parking lots to help you decide which option is right for you.

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Can EIFS go over brick?

By Jake Barnhart | Jul 5, 2021

Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) is an exterior insulating system commonly used to clad commercial buildings. This creates a stucco-like appearance that is desirable, easy to clean, and long-lasting. Many newly constructed buildings are made with EIFS, but what about existing buildings? Can EIFS go over brick or brick veneer?

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How water impacts the lifecycle of concrete

By Jake Barnhart | Jun 28, 2021

Water affects concrete at every stage of its life, from the initial mixture to long-term use. To maximize the lifespan of a concrete structure, it’s important to understand this relationship. Read on to learn how water impacts concrete at each milestone.

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Can you restore brickwork?

By Jake Barnhart | Jun 21, 2021

Brick and mortar are susceptible to damage with time. This damage may not occur for decades or even centuries, but eventually masonry starts to wear down. Masonry restoration is the process of restoring older brick structures to their former glory. Let’s explore how this process works and why brick restoration is important.

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Concrete finishing options

By Jake Barnhart | Jun 14, 2021

Finishing is the last step in the concrete pouring process. Finishing techniques determine the texture and color of the concrete slab, which can transform a plain concrete slab into a beautiful faux-stone structure. Below is an overview of common concrete finishing options.

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What causes concrete to deteriorate?

By Jake Barnhart | Jun 7, 2021

Concrete may be durable, but that doesn’t mean it is invincible. The porous nature of concrete and the supportive materials within can lead to issues with time. Let’s explore some causes of concrete deterioration and ways to prevent concrete rot.

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Commercial building maintenance during summer

By Jake Barnhart | May 31, 2021

Temperatures are on the rise, and commercial buildings are paying the price. The summer months are brutal here in Oklahoma, affecting many areas around your building. Whether you own a business or manage a commercial property, these summer maintenance tips will help you keep your building in tip-top shape. 

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Keep water out of your historic building

By Jake Barnhart | May 24, 2021

Historic buildings and water infiltration don’t mix. Construction materials break down with time, making them more susceptible to water damage and erosion. Many moisture-related issues are preventable with the proper monitoring, maintenance, and waterproofing techniques. Here are some proven ways to keep water out of a historic building. 

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