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Solving your graffiti problems

By Jake Barnhart | Jul 15, 2019

Has your business had problems with graffiti? No one’s excited about showing up to work and finding a fresh new tag on the side of the building. It’s unsightly for your customers, it’s a pain to remove, and you have to deal with it quickly to keep up your business’s reputation.

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How hail hurts your commercial building

By Jake Barnhart | Jul 8, 2019

It’s storm season in Oklahoma, and that means hail. Hail doesn’t just leave dimples on your car and broken shingles on your roof—it can cause surprising damage to your commercial building as well. It’s a powerful destructive force.

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Four signs you need to repair your commercial building

By Jake Barnhart | Jul 1, 2019

Water is one of the most powerful forces in nature. It creates canyons, breaks rocks, shatters trees, scoops out natural waterways, and moves soil from place to place.

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How to fix your mortar

By Jake Barnhart | Jun 24, 2019

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of tuckpointing if you’re the average person on the street.

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The ins and outs of efflorescence

By Jake Barnhart | Jun 17, 2019

If you’ve ever walked by a brick wall, you’ve seen efflorescence. You might not have known the word for it, or even that that’s what it was, but you’ve definitely seen it. It’s that chalky white powder that builds up on masonry over time.

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When rust breaks a building

By Jake Barnhart | Jun 10, 2019

What do St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Acropolis, Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth House, and a badly-maintained parking garage have in common?

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Do you know why your mortar is receding?

By Jake Barnhart | Jun 3, 2019

If you’ve looked at any old building recently, chances are you’ve noticed that the mortar joints are set back further into the wall than the joints on a newer building. Receding mortar is a natural process, but it’s a real problem for older buildings or buildings that haven’t been maintained.

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Signs of parking garage problems

By Jake Barnhart | May 27, 2019

There are between 105 million and 2 billion parking spaces spread out across the United States.

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Weathering the elements

By Jake Barnhart | May 20, 2019

“If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.”

Living in Oklahoma, you’re likely to hear this phrase frequently throughout the year, no matter the season. The Great Plains are home to weather patterns that change all the time. You might leave the house in the morning wearing a coat and want to change into shorts by the time you get home.

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