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How often do expansion joints need joint sealing?

By Jake Barnhart | Oct 26, 2020

Joint sealing is an essential step in maintaining concrete structures, such as parking garages, concrete buildings, and sidewalks. Expansion joints between sections of concrete strategically control where cracks occur in the concrete. These joints need to be sealed to work effectively. Read on to learn the benefits of joint sealing and how often you should seal joints for concrete maintenance.

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How to fix mortar damage with tuckpointing

By Jake Barnhart | Oct 19, 2020

Tuckpointing is an effective way to repair brick walls and extend the life of your masonry. Mortar is the glue that holds bricks together, but it is subject to deterioration over time. Tuckpointing replaces damaged mortar to fortify brick walls and preserve the structural integrity of a building. Let’s take a closer look at the purpose of tuckpointing and signs you may need mortar repair. 

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Does concrete need to be reinforced?

By Jake Barnhart | Oct 12, 2020

Concrete is a robust and versatile material used in nearly every area of construction. It consists of water, cement, and aggregate materials that harden to form a rock-solid structure. Concrete is durable on its own, but it becomes even stronger with steel reinforcement. That is why reinforced concrete has become an industry staple.

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Pros and cons of sandblasting for exterior cleaning

By Jake Barnhart | Oct 5, 2020

Sandblasting has become a popular way to clean and smooth surfaces in a variety of industries. Also known as abrasive blasting, this process uses tiny particles to blast away rough spots on metal, concrete, wood, and other materials. Sandblasting can be safe for exterior cleaning, but it is not ideal for every building. Read on to find out if sandblasting is right for you.

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A masonry restoration toolbox

By Jake Barnhart | Sep 28, 2020

You need to stay on top of masonry restoration if you want to keep your walls standing over the long term. Masonry restoration is any number of procedures that are performed on a building or wall that’s already standing. This keeps them in good shape so they stay impervious to moisture and the elements.

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How do you resurface concrete?

By Jake Barnhart | Sep 21, 2020

Humanity has been using concrete for construction since the time of the Romans. We built everything from homes to skyscrapers with it. But though concrete is durable, it’s not impervious.

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Limestone care and maintenance

By Jake Barnhart | Sep 14, 2020

Limestone is one of the more common natural stones used in building. Many buildings, decks, patios, walkways, and more use limestone. It’s durable but can be porous, depending on where and how it’s installed. Stains and damage can happen to limestone more easily than they can to other tougher stones.

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The damage water can do

By Jake Barnhart | Sep 7, 2020

Water infiltration is one of the most damaging problems you can run into, and it requires attention immediately. A building has a huge number of areas where water can come in. Water finds every path of least resistance and makes its way into the building to wreak havoc. It’s one of the most destructive and most pervasive elements you can run into when you’re building or maintaining a structure.

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Keeping mold away from concrete

By Jake Barnhart | Aug 31, 2020

There is no way to entirely get rid of mold.

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