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Top tips for stucco exterior maintenance

By Jake Barnhart | Jun 17, 2024

Well-maintained stucco can last over 50 years because it expands and contracts with the weather. But poorly maintained or improperly installed stucco can be more than an eyesore; it can lead to rot and other damage. Here are some tips for maintaining the stucco exterior of your commercial property.

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Removing biological stains: a guide to clean exteriors

By Jake Barnhart | Jun 10, 2024

Biological stains don’t just affect the appearance of your commercial building’s exterior but can cause damage to the resiliency of the masonry itself. The following information will help you understand biological stains and offer effective cleaning methods and preventative measures.

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Exterior cleaning essentials for building maintenance

By Jake Barnhart | Jun 3, 2024

Maintaining a clean exterior is crucial for enhancing building appeal. We’ll explore essential techniques and tools for effective exterior cleaning to address common challenges and keep your property brilliant.

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Diving into traffic coatings for parking structures

By Jake Barnhart | May 27, 2024

Traffic coatings are protective layers that enhance the durability of high-traffic areas like parking garages. Here, we will educate you on the common challenges of parking structures and the benefits and types of traffic coatings.

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Choosing reliable contractors for building restoration

By Jake Barnhart | May 20, 2024

Improper building restoration risks the future value of your commercial building. You can secure your building’s future by following these essential tips for selecting reliable contractors for your restoration project.

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Selecting exterior paint for commercial buildings

By Jake Barnhart | May 13, 2024

When selecting exterior paint for commercial buildings, it’s necessary to consider more than aesthetics. Here are some strategies for choosing the right paint for your commercial structure’s exterior.

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The mystery of masonry cracks unveiled

By Jake Barnhart | May 6, 2024

Masonry cracks can have many causes. It’s important to discover the cause in order to fix the crack and the underlying issue before more damage is done.

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Weathering storms: window leak prevention

By Jake Barnhart | Apr 29, 2024

You shouldn’t ignore a window leak. Ongoing water damage may lead to window replacement if not taken care of.

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Structural integrity: best practices for building safety

By Jake Barnhart | Apr 22, 2024

You must consider structural integrity with each step from the building plan to construction, where plans sometimes need to change.

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