Choosing reliable contractors for building restoration

Improper building restoration risks the future value of your commercial building. You can secure your building’s future by following these essential tips for selecting reliable contractors for your restoration project.

Assessing contractor credentials

Contractor credentials include valid licensing, certifications, insurance, and bonding. Ask them to see whatever proof they have of each of these.

You can also double-check for some of these yourselves. Where to do this usually depends on where you live. Each state has its own state licensing and regulations for contractors.

Evaluating reputation and references

A trusted building contractor should have a track record of successful projects. Often, they will offer testimonials from past satisfied clients as references. But it’s essential that you do more digging yourself.

Try to get the contact information of some of these past clients, especially if it’s for a similar project, so that you can ask them relevant questions yourself. Online review sites can be good resources for testimonials or complaints.

Find out if they have a history of litigation. This information can be found in local court records or dockets.

Interviewing potential contractors

Ask potential contractors about their experience with and approach to building restorations. Some good questions to ask a contractor are:

  • Do you clean up, and what precisely does that cover?
  • Do you take care of permits?
  • Do you offer a warranty for services or materials?
  • How does payment work?
  • How do you resolve disagreements?
  • What is your schedule or estimated completion for a project like this?
  • Will you use subcontractors?

Throughout this interview process, you want to make sure you’re assessing their communication and professionalism.

Partnering with reputable contractors ensures building restoration success and peace of mind. We offer comprehensive exterior restoration services, with warranties ranging from 5 to 20 years. Contact us today if you have questions about building exterior restorations or are ready to partner with JK Industries on your restoration project.