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JK Industries, Inc. specializes in innovative renovation, preservation and protection services of commercial buildings, bridges parking garages, and other structures from natural occurring deterioration processes such as structural aging, weather damage and corrosion.

We pride ourselves in using the most technologically advanced equipment, technique, and safety procedures to ensure our clients receive the best and most economical solution to their property needs.  With excellent customer care and a large array of services, our clients can rest assure they will receive the best result when contracting with JK Industries, Inc.


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Maintaining a property’s appearance is the top priority to property owners and managers.  It’s crucial to sustain a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing appearance for building occupants but also to secure the longevity and value of the building or structure itself.  Many people do not realize that their structures are continuously attacked by natural elements every day such as airborne pollutants, temperature changes, weather, moisture and seismic movement.  These natural occurring attacks cause damage and over time can destroy a building or bridge structure.  However, catching the damage early can save owners tremendous expense.

JK Industries, Inc. offers exterior and interior building inspections to observe and document true façade conditions to the customer.  Using the proper equipment to access the building and state of the art infrared thermography, a thorough inspection is conducted.  Photographs are taken to document findings and a conditions report is then developed noting all substrate deficiencies and causes of failure.  Repair recommendations along with free estimates are provided so the client can determine the best approach to remediation.

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JK Industries, Inc. offers repair recommendations and free estimates so that you can make an educated decision for your situation. Call us today to set up an appointment, or fill out our online form. Whether you have a small leak or something bigger, we have a solution for you.

Restoration services can be tailored to your budget and operational requirements.

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