What paint is used on structural steel?

For commercial building owners, the selection of materials isn’t just a matter of aesthetics—it’s an investment in the longevity and safety of the building itself. One of the core materials used in many commercial structures is structural steel, known for its strength and versatility. 

At JK Industries, Inc., we frequently encounter queries about the best way to protect, repair, and restore structural steel components. One of the crucial aspects of maintaining structural steel is choosing the right paint.

Why paint structural steel?

Before diving into the type of paint, it’s essential to understand why structural steel requires painting in the first place:

Protection against corrosion

Steel, though robust, is susceptible to rust when exposed to moisture. Rust not only diminishes the aesthetic appeal but also compromises the strength of the steel.

Temperature resistance

Specialized paints can protect against sunlight, protecting against UV exposure and stabilizing the temperature of the building over many years can be beneficial. It can also help keep your heating and cooling costs lower. 

Enhanced aesthetics

A fresh coat of paint can give steel a new finish, giving the building a new look 

Choosing the right paint for structural steel

Several paint options are available for structural steel, but not all are created equal. At JK Industries, Inc., we specialize in both commercial and industrial paint and coatings, ensuring that our clients get the best solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Zinc-rich primers

One of the most popular choices for structural steel, zinc primers offer cathodic protection. When any exposed steel comes into contact with moisture, the zinc corrodes first, acting as a sacrificial layer.

Epoxy paints

These paints provide a durable and resilient layer of protection against corrosion. They are particularly effective in environments where the steel might come into contact with chemicals.

Polyurethane topcoats

Often used in combination with other primers and paints, polyurethane topcoats add a layer of UV protection, enhancing the longevity of the underlying paint and the steel.

If you’re ready to give your commercial property the attention it deserves, get in touch with us. We work with you to determine what makes sense for your budget and property.