How do you restore old concrete in commercial buildings?

Concrete is an excellent building material that dates back to Roman times. Concrete is known for its strength and durability, but just as the Colosseum has undergone restoration, it is normal and necessary for your old concrete commercial building to go through restoration processes as well.

Evaluate the damage

The type of damage greatly determines how or if the concrete can be restored, so it is important to have an expert assessment before attempting any safety or beautification projects.

With surface damage, like chipping or spalling, it is possible to bond the original concrete back together if the proper material is used.

Cracking, however, is only repairable if the cracks are minor and do not affect the structural integrity. Also, in severe cases where there is buckling, restoration is not an option.

Another benefit to assessing the damage is you can figure out what is causing the issue, such as wear and tear from traffic, chemical reactions, leaks, standing water, and more. Then you can work to resolve that issue so that the problem doesn’t recur.

What materials are used in the restoration process?

Selecting what material to use to fix your concrete might be the most important task.

There are numerous methods of restoring concrete such as epoxy injections, grouting, stitching, drilling, plugging, gravity filling, routing, and sealing. They all require skilled application to ensure success. The method of repair will depend on the size of the job and the type of repair needed.

JK Industries has everything it takes to guide you in making your restoration dreams become a reality. We will treat your commercial building with precision and care just as if it were a famous piece of Roman architecture.