How do you repair EIFS stucco?

The first thing to do when beginning to repair EIFS stucco is to evaluate the type of damage. This may require a professional inspector because there are very few visible indications of damage that can be seen by the untrained eye.

However, some obvious signs to look for are bulging, cracking, or water stains. Thorough and complete cladding inspections are important in identifying potential and existing moisture intrusion areas before there is obvious damage.

Once problem areas of the EIFS stucco have been identified, we can determine how to best handle the repairs.

Most minor damages can be fixed easily. For example, scuffs, nicks, or other surface abrasions can be covered with an acrylic-based coat of paint, produced by the EIFS stucco manufacturer.

More serious issues, such as deep gouges on your EIFS stucco, are more complicated to repair. It may be best to have a certified technician help with this repair as a gouge in the EIFS stucco will need to be filled with new EIFS stucco material.

If it is determined that your EIFS stucco has water damage and mold is a problem in certain areas, then those areas will need to be removed and replaced with new EIFS.

If the EIFS stucco just needs a good cleaning to get rid of stains, a pressure washer can usually do the job. However, it is vital not to use too high of pressure on EIFS because it can result in further damage. Some stains are best removed with a cleaning product made specifically for EIFS.

A lot goes into repairing EIFS stucco and JK Industries and would love to help with any of your repairs or restorations.