How to keep parking lots maintained

Parking lots are often overlooked when it comes to building maintenance, but their upkeep is essential, especially since they are the first thing people interact with when arriving at your property.

A well-maintained parking lot shows clients and employees that you care about the business, and if you follow a few simple steps, you can rest assured that your parking lot is living up to your standards.

First, it is vital to have your lot inspected so you know its condition and can have repairs done to any cracks, spalling, water damage, and other issues when necessary.

Parking lots are exposed to a lot of wear and tear, so it’s normal that they will need regular repairs. The best thing you can do is catch the issues early on so they do not develop into bigger problems.

Also, routine sealing is key to keeping your parking lot from deteriorating, and it makes the surface look new again. Crack and pavement sealing must be taken care of regularly to avoid frequent resurfacing.

To keep your parking lot safe, you should repaint parking stripes about every three years so that drivers can see the lines clearly. If you make slight adjustments to the stripes each time it will prevent the wear of tires over the same spots which causes the lot to have to be repaved more often.

Finally, parking lots see massive amounts of dirt, grime, and debris so it is imperative to have your lot professionally cleaned on a consistent basis to keep your lot looking its best and prevent more costly problems.

Keeping your parking lot maintained is a priority that does not have to be difficult. The expert staff at JK Industries would be happy to evaluate your parking lot and develop a long-range plan for continuous preventative maintenance to ensure you and your lot get the care you need.

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