What are specialty coatings?

Your outdoor surfaces require extra protection. Paint is excellent for this—it goes on easily, it’s attractive, and it’s cheap. But what about applications where paint isn’t enough?

There’s a whole world of applications where paint just won’t cut it. Whether it’s high traffic, extreme temperatures, or corrosion, specialty coatings are critical for places where paint can’t stand up to the challenge. Do you know what they are?

What is a specialty coating?

Specialty coatings are very similar to paint or sealer—to the untrained eye, they might not look any different. Dip below the surface on specialty coatings, and you’ll see significantly more protection or a unique spin. Most paints and regular sealers are made for residential or light commercial applications. They aren’t meant for heavy wear and tear. Specialty coatings bring something extra to the table.

You only need specialty coatings for unique commercial applications where the surface will see significant wear and tear or needs something out of the ordinary. Think of a parking garage, a mall, a recording studio, an industrial plant, or an oil refinery. All of these need specialty coatings. But they’re all different.

Types of specialty coatings

Specialty coatings include several different applications.

High traffic

Whether it’s cars or people, high traffic requires specialty coatings to protect your concrete. A parking garage, mall, large office building, or place that sees regular traffic will need extra surface protection. Epoxy- or polyurethane-based paints will often be the choice here. Line paint, concrete sealants, and resurfacers all fall into this category.


Weather is a constant concern for commercial buildings. If you’re adding a coating to an area with heavy weather, especially water, you should consider a specialty coating to keep the water out.


Some applications, including marine, industrial, and oil/natural gas, see much more corrosion than others. Each of these will need a coating tailored for its specific hazard. We can help you find the best coating for your application.


Some places need coatings outside the norm, including anti-static and anti-microbial. If you need specific protection like that, we can help. Talk to us, and we’ll set up something tailored to your unique situation.

The right specialty coating for you

Each application is different, but we have plenty of experience across various industries and situations. Need a hand with a specialty coating? JK Industries can help. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your business.