What is an industrial maintenance coating?

Would you try to tow a commercial trailer with a regular pickup truck?

Of course not. It wouldn’t work, even if you could rig some way to attach the trailer. The connections won’t hook up, and the truck would literally fall apart under the strain. 

Commercial and residential applications work entirely differently. The same is true of coatings. 

House and industrial paint are about as far apart in their performance, form, and appearance as that tractor-trailer and the pickup truck. When it comes to industrial applications, only industrial maintenance coatings will do.

So what is an industrial maintenance coating?

The rigors of industry

An industrial maintenance coating is a coating meant to protect surfaces from the harsh environment of a factory, a mining operation, or another industrial application.

Regular commercial coatings have to stand up to heavy traffic and the elements. Industrial coatings have two more enemies: corrosion and fire.

Many industrial applications include exposure to harsh chemicals or damp environments, which can hasten the effects of corrosion. Some coatings must be formulated specifically to stand up to total immersion in water or other substances. Others may even need to discourage marine life from taking hold (think offshore drilling rigs).

Fire retardance is essential for industrial maintenance coatings as well. Some areas may regularly be exposed to tremendous heat. In other cases, coatings may keep the spread of fire down in an emergency, saving lives and equipment.

Types of industrial maintenance coatings

It’s hard to pin down industrial maintenance coatings into particular categories because there are so many specific applications—if you need an industrial maintenance coating, you absolutely have to talk to an expert.

Most revolve around polyurethanes and epoxies, like many other commercial coatings. But there are hyper-specific applications like antennas, drilling rig legs, oil pumps, kilns, and mining equipment. The list goes on and on. You need to know your specific application and its needs before making a decision.

At JK Industries, we can help guide you to the correct industrial maintenance coating for your application. Contact us today for a consultation and protect your industrial equipment and buildings.