The benefits of waterproofing

The number one enemy of every building is water.

Water is everywhere and gets into everything. It can find the tiniest crack or seam and work its way in, and once it’s inside, cause hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars of damage. A well-maintained building is constantly fighting against water.

Waterproofing is one of the best things you can do for your structure—here’s why.


Water doesn’t just create structural problems. It can change the appearance of a building too.

A good waterproofing contractor will ensure there are no areas where standing water can pool or where runoff regularly hits. If this isn’t taken care of, plaster can soften, paint can bubble up, and mold and mildew can take hold. These can rapidly turn from aesthetic issues to structural ones.

Waterproofing also has the added benefit that most products also keep out UV light, which can bleach and discolor a building’s facade.


A building’s “envelope” is a term for the systems that work together to keep the weather out.

The envelope on modern buildings tends to be thin. Older buildings used thick, strong masonry, which had a certain level of waterproofing built in. Modern facilities often use more fragile materials.

Proper waterproofing—and maintaining that waterproofing over time—ensures that the structural integrity of the building stays high.


A poorly waterproofed building will have higher maintenance costs.

As we’ve noted, water can discolor the building, causing unsightly messes that must be cleaned with pressure washing and chemicals. It can also sneak into cracks and slowly tear apart concrete or rust structural metal. Regular waterproofing ensures that these much more intensive maintenance tasks don’t become an issue.

These three areas are critical for every structure. Make sure you’re keeping your waterproofing up—it’s not a “do it once, it lasts forever” task. Contact JK Industries today if you need a hand.