Tips for maintaining parking garage

Parking garages get tons of traffic, often at all hours of the day. This persistent use can wear down even the most durable of materials. These parking garage maintenance tips will help you preserve your parking structure for years to come. 

Get routine parking lot inspections

Repairs are easiest, cheapest, and most effective when they’re done early on. If you schedule routine inspections, you can catch potential problems at the first sign. Depending on traffic levels, you may need inspections once per year, per quarter, or any timeframe in between. 

Address drainage issues and water infiltration

Water isn’t an innocent bystander. If it gets into your concrete or building structures, it can wreak havoc on the parking garage. If you notice water pooling up or staining areas of the garage, it’s time to re-evaluate your drainage solutions. You may also need parking garage waterproofing to seal the area and preserve the building. 

Clean and seal the concrete

Remove stains, dirt, and debris frequently to keep the concrete intact. This is particularly important in the winter because ice from the road can wear away your parking garage concrete. Keep the concrete clean and sealed to extend its lifespan. 

Repair cracks and holes as needed

Small cracks can quickly turn into big cracks because of erosion and foundation settling. Repair these issues when you notice them so they don’t get out of hand. You can schedule routine joint sealing as part of your parking garage maintenance to fill cracks as they form. 

Get a parking lot maintenance plan that’s customized to your property

Every parking garage is unique. The construction, age, climate exposure and traffic levels will all impact what your parking area needs. Ideally, it would be best if you work with a parking garage specialist to get a custom maintenance plan for your property. 

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