How do you maintain masonry?

Masonry is built for durability, but it still needs routine maintenance. The mortar between the blocks is particularly susceptible to wear. Thankfully, that mortar can be replaced with minimal time and expenses. Read on to learn how to maintain masonry.

Clean your masonry as needed

Masonry cleaning helps you spot issues early on, making the building look refreshed. Depending on the climate in your area, you may want your masonry cleaned one to four times per year. There are several ways to clean masonry, from sandblasting to power washing. Your masonry cleaners can recommend the best process for your building’s materials.

Replace crumbling mortar to seal the bricks

Mortar wears down much faster than bricks. By replacing the mortar, you can create a fresh seal around the blocks and prevent water damage. This process is known as repointing, and it involves removing the outermost layer of mortar. That is replaced with new mortar that’s color-matched to blend in. The new mortar should last for many years before it wears down again.

Complete brick repairs on time

If you see brick cracks or damaged masonry, it’s important to make repairs quickly. Gravity, foundation shifting, and freeze-thaw cycles can turn a small crack into a big problem within weeks. Completing the repairs now will save you money in the long run.

Brick paver maintenance vs. brick maintenance

Brick pavers require different maintenance than traditional masonry. This is because the pavers are not mortared together. Instead, they have sand running between the joints, and the pavers may shift over time. Brick pavers need a routine cleaning, but they may also need to be reset, leveled, and re-sanded as they age.

Schedule routine brick maintenance to cut out the guesswork

The best way to maintain masonry is to have a scheduled maintenance plan in place. This will be customized to your building based on the age of materials, the amount of climate exposure the masonry receives, and your overall budget. Reach out to JK Industries to learn more about maintaining masonry.