How do you repair cracks in a concrete garage?

Cracks in concrete aren’t ideal, but they aren’t an automatic reason to panic. Most cracks can be resolved quickly as long as they’re addressed early on. Here is an overview of how to repair cracks in a concrete garage, courtesy of our concrete specialists. 

Identify the root cause of the crack

Concrete cracks come from many sources, and each one has a different repair path. Is the concrete cracked from surface wear, or is the foundation shifting below it? Are the concrete cracks from water infiltration, or is the concrete simply past its prime? Get a concrete inspection to evaluate the root issue. 

Address the source of the damage

Once you know what’s causing the concrete cracks, you can create a targeted repair plan. Low-pressure injections and concrete overlays can repair minor cracks, but they won’t last long with bigger issues at work. If the building needs foundation piering, exterior waterproofing, leak repair, or other maintenance services, complete those first before fixing cosmetic cracks. 

Concrete repair vs. concrete replacement

Does crack concrete have to be replaced? Not always. Large cracks and permanent structural cracks may be beyond repair, but surface cracks can be patched. The age and condition of the structure will determine if concrete repair or concrete replacement is the right path for you. Weigh out the upfront costs versus the long-term benefits, and make an educated decision for your property. 

Seal the joints and concrete to prevent future cracks

Once you repair cracks in your concrete garage, take proactive steps to prevent future cracking. Waterproof the concrete and seal the joints to avoid water erosion. Modify your drainage channels, if needed, to quickly direct water away from the area. 

JK Industries can create a custom concrete repair and protection plan for your commercial property. Contact us today to speak with one of our concrete specialists.