How often should a commercial building be painted?

A fresh coat of paint can make any building look like new. As a business owner, you have to weigh the benefits of this refresh against the cost of commercial painting. How often should a commercial building be repainted? When should you plan your next update?

How often should the exterior of a commercial building be painted?

Generally speaking, the outside of a commercial building should be painted every 3-5 years. Some paint may last longer than that, depending on color and location. A building with consistent sun exposure throughout the day may need to be painted sooner than a building that’s mostly shaded. At minimum, you should plan to paint your building every five years. 

How often should interior walls be painted?

Interior painting is mostly a personal choice, though many painters will recommend painting interior walls every 2-3 years. If your walls are in good shape with little to no scuffing, you may be able to go significantly longer between painting. 

Walls across from large windows will likely need painting before other walls. The UV rays will fade the wall paint, just like they may fade the paint outside. Even with fade-resistant paint, you’re likely to experience some discoloration with time.

Signs your commercial building needs to be repainted

Here are some indicators it’s time for commercial painting:

  • Some areas of the building are noticeably faded
  • You’re rebranding or changing your color schemes
  • You can’t remember the last time your building was painted 
  • You’re moving into a new commercial building 
  • The colors on your interior or exterior walls are now considered dated 
  • You want to refresh your curb appeal
  • You’ve done some remodeling that damaged the old paint
  • You’re just not happy with the way your building looks 

JK Industries offers commercial painting, along with a variety of exterior coating solutions. We’d be happy to discuss your options to find a long-lasting paint or application that suits your goals. Reach out today to schedule your in-person consultation.