5 ways to preserve your parking garage

Want to keep your parking garage in great shape? Have a new parking structure you want to preserve for decades? Here are five proven ways to maximize the life of your parking garage. 

Concrete sealing and waterproofing

One of the most effective ways to preserve a parking garage is to waterproof the concrete. This may seem counter-intuitive since the upper levels are exposed to rain throughout the year. Waterproofing and sealing can reduce the damage water does to the interior of the concrete, such as erosion and rebar rusting. This also reduces the risks of cracking, which will prevent future repairs. 

Parking garage cleaning

Routine cleaning is another must for parking garage maintenance. Something as simple as washing off the concrete after a snowstorm will do wonders for your concrete. The salt and debris brought in during a snowstorm can wear down a parking garage or parking lot. Create a parking garage cleaning plan that keeps your structure in tip-top shape. 

Anti-graffiti coatings

Parking garage owners often struggle to control vandalism on their property. Parking garages are known targets for graffiti, which can be tricky to clean and remove. Thankfully, there are anti-graffiti coatings available that prevent spray paint and markers from adhering to the concrete. If you’ve dealt with graffiti issues in the past, a coating like this could be the perfect solution. 

Proactive parking garage repair

Proactive is always better than reactive in the world of parking garage maintenance. Fix minor repairs before they become major problems, and get solutions in place to prevent future damage. This could be anything from concrete repair to joint sealing and beyond, depending on your needs. 

Routine inspections with personalized recommendations

Parking garage inspectors know how to catch issues at the earliest signs. They have specialized training and years of experience in parking garage cleaning, maintenance, and restoration. Set up routine inspections for your building to keep damage to a minimum. The inspectors here at JK Industries would be happy to create a custom plan to preserve your parking garage.