How do you waterproof a new foundation?

Waterproofing is a proactive solution, not reactive. The earlier you waterproof your foundation, the less damage you’ll incur later on. This guide explains how foundation waterproofing works and when the best time is to start the process. 

How long should you wait before waterproofing a new foundation?

As a general rule, foundation materials should be fully cured before being sealed. The curing time will range based on the types of materials used and the weather conditions. Most concrete foundations need at least 28 days to fully cure before they can be waterproofed. Cinderblock foundations need at least 14 days for the mortar between the blocks to cure. 

With this in mind, it is best to act quickly once the foundation is fully set. This will strengthen the construction materials, reduce cracking, and shield against water infiltration. JK Industries can recommend the best timeframe for foundation waterproofing based on your property’s unique needs. 

Interior basement waterproofing

For basement foundations, builders can install walls over the envelope to finish off the space. The interior barrier protects drywall, wood, and other materials from water infiltration. 

Interior waterproofing is designed to divert incoming water into a drainage system. The water is then carried away from the property to protect the foundation. Application techniques vary by foundation type, but most involve an envelope around the interior of the foundation’s perimeter. This envelope includes a channel for water to flow down and out of. 

Exterior foundation waterproofing

Exterior foundation waterproofing applies to the outside of the foundation. This is also known as below-grade waterproofing, and it is the building’s first line of protection against moisture. 

Exterior waterproofing is much easier to complete in the early construction stages than it is after a building is complete. This is because the waterproofers must dig around the foundation to have adequate access for waterproofing. Nevertheless, workers can waterproof most foundation exteriors, regardless of the building’s age. 

How long does foundation waterproofing last?

Many foundation waterproofing systems will last for 10-25 years, while others may only last for 5 years. The age of the building and climate for the area may also impact longevity. The good news is, we can recommend the best solution for your budget, property and long-term goals. Reach out to JK Industries to schedule a waterproofing consultation.