How to waterproof a parking garage

Parking garages typically have openings on the side to allow for air ventilation. These openings may also let some rain in, which may make waterproofing seem like a moot point. Nevertheless, it is important to waterproof a parking garage, just like you would any other building. Let’s explore how parking garage waterproofing works and why this service is vital for your business. 

Why garage waterproofing is important

Most parking garages are constructed with concrete, and concrete is susceptible to water infiltration. Water leads to cracking, increased freeze/thaw cycles, crumbling, rust damage, and other issues. Waterproofing may not prevent rain from coming in the open areas, but it can minimize the damage water creates. It also protects the foundation from hydrostatic pressure and water around the base of the structure. 

Different ways to waterproof a parking garage

There are many types of parking garage waterproofing, but they all serve the same goal. The aim is to keep water from seeping into the concrete and eroding the materials within. Waterproofing also protects joints between slabs and lengthens the lifespan of construction materials. Common waterproofing services include:

  • Expansion joint sealing and replacement
  • Concrete sealing and waterproofing
  • Concrete repair
  • Foundation and below-grade waterproofing
  • Routine parking garage maintenance to check for signs of water damage
  • Drainage systems throughout that redirect water, as needed
  • Exterior coatings 

How often should my parking garage be waterproofed?

The timeframe for parking garage waterproofing depends on the age of the structure and how it was constructed. A building that has already suffered water damage may need more frequent sealant than a newer building. The rainfall and water sources in the area will also play a role in scheduling.

Monitor for signs of water infiltration, such as pooling water, concrete cracking, and rust stains. If you notice these issues or would like a parking garage inspection, the experts at JK Industries can assist you. We’ll conduct a thorough investigation, including infrared leak detection, to see if your parking garage needs to be waterproofed. We can also recommend maintenance programs that will prolong the structural integrity of the garage. Reach out today to learn more!