Is exterior building maintenance necessary?

When most property owners think of building maintenance, they focus on the inside of the building. HVAC repair, janitorial services, and electrical inspections are certainly important for preserving a commercial property. However, it’s equally important to take care of the outside of the building since it directly impacts the safety of people inside. If you don’t have an exterior building maintenance plan, consider this your sign to get one! 

What does exterior building maintenance entail?

Exterior building maintenance covers a wide range of services, varying from one building to the next. A parking garage will have different maintenance needs than a strip mall or a historical building. Common exterior maintenance services include: 

  • Siding cleaning and commercial painting
  • Exterior coatings, such as EIFS
  • Graffiti cleaning and anti-graffiti coatings
  • Above-grade and below-grade waterproofing
  • Parking lot and parking garage cleaning
  • Concrete sealing and concrete repair
  • Pedestrian and vehicular traffic coatings
  • Limestone and brick restoration
  • Roof inspections, repair, replacement, and sealing
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Window sealing and cleaning
  • And other services that preserve the exterior materials on the building

Exterior building maintenance extends the life of your building

Your car is going to last longer with routine oral changes. Your smile stays healthy with twice-yearly teeth cleanings. The same can be said for your commercial building. If it is well maintained, it is going to remain structurally sound. 

Exterior building maintenance preserves your assets and maximizes the life of construction materials. Even the most durable building materials are subject to wear with time. Maintenance keeps that damage to a bare minimum and prevents future issues from forming. 

Save money on repairs by catching them early on

During your exterior maintenance steps, workers will inspect various parts of the building. They can catch property damage at the earliest signs and address those issues quickly. The longer you leave a repair unattended, the more it’s going to cost to fix. Your maintenance efforts will quickly pay for themselves. 

Create a welcoming experience for guests

A well-maintained exterior sets the tone for guest experience. This is the first part of the property people interact with, and they’ll immediately cast judgment if they notice issues. JK Industries is here to help you maintain your building’s exterior from top to bottom. Reach out to get your personalized exterior building maintenance plan, and protect your investment for years to come.