What is waterproofing construction?

Most construction materials are vulnerable to water, even if they appear durable at first glance. A strong surface like concrete is still porous enough to experience water damage. This is where waterproofing construction comes in. Through strategic waterproofing and sealing, you can protect almost any building from mold, foundation shifting, hydrostatic pressure, and other issues. 

The purpose of waterproofing construction

Waterproofing construction is designed to seal off a building from rain, groundwater, and other water sources. Some waterproofing steps occur during the design and construction phase, while others happen during the maintenance stage. Small leaks can lead to big problems, and immense water pressure can reduce the lifespan of construction materials. Waterproofing efforts limit these risks and protect the structural integrity of the building. 

Types of construction waterproofing

There are many different construction waterproofing methods. Not all of them may apply to your building. Examples of waterproofing construction include:

  • Drainage solutions to direct excess water away from the building
  • Below-grade waterproofing that wraps the building’s foundation with a water-resistant barrier
  • Watertight roofing installation – particularly important for flat roofs 
  • Window sealing, joint sealing, and flashing sealing
  • Concrete repair, tuckpointing, and brick repair to prevent small cracks from expanding
  • Waterproof siding and exterior coating

The age of your building and construction materials within it will determine which waterproofing applications are right for you. JK Industries would be happy to discuss your options with an in-person consultation. 

Does waterproofing happen before or after construction?

Ideally, waterproofing should be an integral part of the construction process. However, it’s not always easy to predict how water is going to impact a building. Many waterproofing techniques happen post-construction to combat issues as they arise. 

Some waterproofing applications require maintenance as well, such as the caulking around windows or sealants around joints. JK Industries offers comprehensive waterproofing and joint sealants for old and new buildings. Whether you’re planning new construction or restoring a historic building, our proven waterproofing methods can successfully preserve your property.