How do you repair a concrete parking lot?

All concrete structures eventually crack. This may not happen for decades, but sooner or later, the concrete starts to wear down. If you have an older concrete parking lot on your property, you may be debating between repair and replacement. Let’s review your options to decide how to best improve your parking lot. 

Identify the source of the damage

Before anyone can repair a concrete parking lot or install a new one, they must identify the source of the damage. Is the concrete cracked and worn from basic aging, or is there an underlying issue to address? 

For example, if the concrete has shifted due to an unsteady foundation, you may need better drainage systems around the parking lot. The concrete damage could also be from a lack of maintenance, which means you can prevent future damage with proactive measures. The root cause plays a vital role in restoration and/or replacement. 

Create a strategic plan for concrete parking lot repair

Once we’ve identified the reason the concrete is damaged, we can recommend suitable repair techniques. These may include:

  • Concrete crack repair and patching
  • Joint sealing and expansion joint repair
  • Epoxy injections
  • Concrete overlay and slab restoration
  • Complete parking lot replacement
  • Concrete leveling
  • Concrete cutting and sectional repairs

If your parking lot needs a better drainage system or other structural adjustments, it may be best to replace the parking lot completely. We can evaluate your options during a consultation to determine which methods offer the best return for your investment. 

Does my parking lot need to be repaired or replaced?

Many parking lot issues can be repaired, but sometimes it’s better to start fresh. If you have a fairly new concrete parking lot that is starting to crack, a repair could extend the structure’s life. If you have an older parking lot that will continue to be problematic, you may be better off constructing a new parking lot. 

JK Industries specializes in concrete restoration, parking garage maintenance, and parking lot sealing. Our concrete experts can examine your parking lot and recommend the best course of action for your goals and budget.