What is the difference between commercial and residential painting?

Commercial painting and residential painting are two sides of the same coin. They involve similar core materials and skills, but they are far from identical. Let’s explore the difference between commercial and residential painting. 

Commercial vs. residential painting: It’s all about scale

The main difference between commercial painting and residential painting is the scale of the project. The average house is much smaller than the average commercial building. Thus commercial painting requires a larger crew, more efficient equipment, wide-scale application techniques, and much more. 

Is commercial paint the same as residential paint?

Commercial buildings tend to have different construction materials than residential buildings. This determines what type of paint will work best for the property. Commercial buildings also experience more wear and tear than commercial buildings. The paint needs to withstand heavy rain, intense UV rays, strong wind, traffic, and much more. 

So no, commercial paint is not the same as residential paint in most cases. You may be able to use commercial paint for residential applications, but we do not recommend doing the reverse. 

Are there differences in commercial and residential painting techniques?

Because commercial painting involves large-scale projects, it needs large-scale painting techniques. You won’t see a commercial painter using a small roller on a building. Most paint is sprayed on for a smooth finish. The crew will use scaffolding and safety equipment that’s complicit to the size of the building. It only takes one or two people to paint a house, and they may only need a basic ladder to do the job. 

Do I need to hire a commercial painter to paint a commercial building?

It is best to hire a commercial painter for a commercial building. They will have the tools, equipment, crew, and expertise to complete the job in a timely manner. Commercial painting companies also have large insurance policies to protect themselves and you in the event of an issue. You may not get the same protection from a residential painting company. 

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