Can you restore brickwork?

Brick and mortar are susceptible to damage with time. This damage may not occur for decades or even centuries, but eventually masonry starts to wear down. Masonry restoration is the process of restoring older brick structures to their former glory. Let’s explore how this process works and why brick restoration is important. 

The goal of masonry restoration

There are many aspects of masonry restoration, but they are all geared toward making brick structures look refreshed. Restoration also protects the structural integrity of the building by replacing damaged parts with stable ones. 

Masonry restoration may consist of replacing the mortar, replacing the bricks, or replacing a combination of the two. Mortar replacement is also known as tuckpointing or repointing, where outer layer of mortar is stripped away and replaced with new mortar. 

Some clients want aged bricks to look like new bricks, while others prefer to preserve the patina of the structure. In either case, masonry restoration aims to fortify the building while achieving the desired appearance. 

Common steps in masonry restoration

Masonry restoration is more than a construction service; it is an art form. Masonry styles change by era and location. To properly restore brick and mortar, a craftsman needs to understand these variations and how they impact material selection. 

If the bricks can be salvaged, a masonry restorer may reuse those materials and replace the mortar with a color-matched mixture. If the bricks are cracked, crumbled, or spalled, the restorer must select the ideal replacement based on the size, shape, color pattern, and other details. This can be tricky for older buildings, and it may require pulling materials from several supply yards. 

Masonry restoration on newer buildings is much more straightforward. The bricks are usually still in production, so they’re easy to source from the manufacturer, as needed. In fact, most modern buildings simply need cleaning and repointed mortar. The bricks have not had decades of exposure to weather yet, so they are still structurally sound. 

If you are in need of masonry restoration, contact JK Industries. We work on buildings of all ages, and we can restore your brickwork to its finest version.