Repairing commercial concrete without replacing it

All concrete structures are subject to cracking over time. This is because the concrete expands and contracts with the changing seasons, as does the soil below it. Some cracked concrete is beyond saving, but in many cases, there are affordable repairs available. Let’s look at some proven concrete repair techniques for commercial buildings.

The importance of concrete repair

You may be wondering, “Why should I repair the concrete?” There is the obvious matter of having concrete that looks bad, but you also need to consider the underlying issues:

  • Concrete cracks only get worse with time
  • Cracks allow water in, which can rust the rebar and erode the concrete
  • Uneven concrete can be a tripping hazard
  • Unaddressed concrete damage impacts the structural integrity of the building
  • Making repairs now can save significant money later on

Consider this a small investment that prevents the need for complete concrete replacement. 

Epoxy injections for concrete cracks

Epoxy injections are great for non-moving concrete cracks. The epoxy bonds with the concrete to stabilize the structure and fill in cracked areas. 

For the epoxy to bond successfully, the concrete must be thoroughly cleaned and prepped ahead of time. Then a concrete repair technician will inject the epoxy into the cracks. The epoxy molds to the shape of the crack and hardens as it cures. Once fully cured, the structure can be used just like freshly poured concrete. 

Carbon fiber concrete reinforcement

Carbon fiber reinforcement works well for structural concrete repair. In this case, carbon fiber fabrics are added to the concrete to give it extra strength and stability. The carbon fiber can help prevent bowed and leaning walls, all while increasing the concrete’s load capacity. 

Carbon fiber concrete is common in earthquake-prone areas because the fibers hold the concrete together during tremors. The carbon fiber can be added after concrete installation in a process called seismic retrofitting.

If you have concrete damage on your commercial property, you may be able to salvage the concrete without replacing it. One of our professional inspectors here at JK Industries can evaluate your options to determine what type of commercial concrete repair will work best for you.