Parking garage maintenance checklist

Parking garages are built with strength and durability in mind. That doesn’t mean they’re maintenance-free. To extend the life of a garage and preserve the safety of those within, it’s essential to address issues at the first sign. Here are a few common problem areas for parking garages, along with maintenance tips to resolve them.

Concrete expansion joints

Expansion joints are strategically scattered through concrete structures to relieve tension. The construction materials expand and contract with changes in the weather, which leads to pressure variations in the structure. Expansion joints allow this process to occur without creating cracks in the concrete. 

While they are intended to handle that process, nonetheless repeatedly expanding and contracting will wear away at these joints. This can lead to other issues, such as water infiltration. Monitor the expansion joints throughout the year, and have them inspected/repaired at the first sign of trouble. 

Concrete slabs

Another area that may show signs of wear is the concrete floor slab. Specifically, you should look for spalling (flaking), deep cracks, and buckling. These may indicate more than a surface-level issue.

The rebar within the concrete is load-bearing and subject to rust when exposed to water. The cracks above could be an indication that there are more significant problems happening below. Have your concrete slab inspected and repaired as necessary to preserve the structure of the parking garage. 

Drainage systems

The drainage system around the parking garage plays a crucial role in protecting the foundation. If there is standing water in a place it simply should not be, there needs to be a drainage solution to accommodate it. Every parking garage should be designed with drainage in mind, but the drainage system also needs to be evaluated for continued effectiveness. 

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