How to care for a limestone building

Limestone was once a staple in construction, and you can still see it on many historic buildings. Limestone buildings are designed to stand the test of time, but they require special care to preserve their beauty. Here is a look at how to maintain limestone siding. 

Is limestone a good building material?

Limestone is not quite as durable as concrete, but it is close. However, limestone is quite porous, making it subject to spills and stains. Limestone is also less flexible than concrete when put under stress. This makes it unrealistic for load-bearing structures, but it can still be used for facades and aesthetic features. 

Even though limestone was a popular construction material decades ago, it has been replaced with more durable options. 

How to clean and maintain limestone buildings

Limestone should be regularly inspected by a professional to check for signs of erosion, cracking, and chipping. Erosion can create areas for water to pool, which can stain the limestone over time. If you notice water collecting in a specific area, remove it promptly so it does not absorb into the stone. For added protection, consider getting the limestone sealed.

With regards to cleaning, limestone is somewhat delicate. Acidic cleaning supplies can eat away at the limestone, and abrasive tools can prematurely wear down the surface. A company that specializes in historic building maintenance can help you clean your limestone without damaging it. 

Can limestone be restored?

Limestone restoration is possible, but it may not yield the results you’re hoping for. If limestone is not maintained correctly, the stains, scratches, and erosion on the surface may be too far gone. You could consider replacing some of the limestone, depending on the extent of the damage.

This is why we recommend frequent upkeep to ensure the limestone remains looking new. JK Industries has the tools and expertise to preserve your historic building, whether made from limestone or another material. Reach out today to schedule your limestone maintenance quote.