How to maintain exterior insulation and finish systems

Exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS) offer consecutive insulation that consists of a water-resistive barrier, drainage plane, insulation board, glass fiber, and both water-resistant and finishing coats. They are becoming more common and can easily be mistaken as concrete. To put it in more straightforward terms, they are exterior covers that provide continuous insulation.

It’s great to have, but like other insulation systems, they still need routine repair and maintenance to keep it in optimal condition. Summer heat and the cold of winter can cause problems for EIFS, so it’s best to use fall and spring to your advantage and inspect the exterior.

Potential problems

EIFS can crack or become damaged by hail or hard objects directly impacting them. When this occurs, moisture can penetrate the surface and cause further damage. Prolonged exposure to winter weather can result in pooling water, which leads to staining. Condensation can occur due to high humidity that could also create moisture penetration.

Routine maintenance

Regular inspections of EIFS are essential because they save time, money, and frustration in the long run. Cracking can be common, and it typically occurs at the corners and around windows, so pay close attention to those areas by monitoring and identifying any issues. Watch for signs of mold or mildew that may form due to due moisture penetration you could have missed.

Making repairs

Before repairing any damages yourself, it is best to consult with a professional who has experience with EIFS. An incorrect repair can cause further damage or allow more water penetration. You want to be sure it’s right!

It’s essential first to identify the root of the cause and then make the proper repairs. It’s as easy as removing a reapplying the top coating in some cases, but not everyone is that lucky. Water infiltration may be solved by addressing an issue with drainage systems in addition to repairing the surface. 

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