Why should I clean my parking garage?

The parking garage may be the first experience someone has with your business. It is an extension of your brand, and it should be cared for accordingly. With routine parking garage cleaning, you can ensure that every visitor has a positive experience from the moment they set foot on your property. 

Why is my parking garage so dirty?

Parking garages are exposed to constant wear and tear. From the vehicles passing by to the weather blowing through, everything takes a toll on the garage. Here are some common sources of parking garage grime:

  • Dirt, grease, and oil from vehicles in the parking garage
  • Trash and litter from people using the parking garage
  • Leaves, rain, and dirt blowing in from the wind
  • Heat-drying liquids on the garage floor
  • Pooling water from insufficient drainage roots

Think about all of the people and vehicles that pass through your parking garage on a daily basis. Each of them contribute to the dirtiness in some way. Thankfully, you can eliminate these issues with frequent parking garage cleaning services. 

The importance of routine parking garage cleaning

Having a clean parking garage shows clients and employees that you care about your business. It also protects the structural integrity of the parking garage. Many of the fluids left behind by cars can become corrosive if left unattended. Routine cleaning will stop the damage early on.

Parking garage cleaning also gives you a chance to monitor the overall condition of the garage. For example, if you have pooling water in a certain area, you can resolve that issue because it infiltrates the concrete and rusts the rebar. The sooner you can catch issues like this, the less damage they will do. 

If you choose to get a traffic coating during your parking structure cleaning, that will protect the driving surface and extend the life of your parking garage. Traffic coatings act a clear coat for the flooring, making it easier to clean dirt and grime on the surface. 

How often should I schedule parking garage cleaning services?

The frequency for parking garage cleaning varies from business to business. We recommend cleaning at least twice a year, but quarterly cleanings may be better suited depending on your traffic level. During your consultation, we can decide the ideal schedule for parking garage cleaning for your business. Reach out to JK Industries to schedule a quote.