A masonry restoration toolbox

You need to stay on top of masonry restoration if you want to keep your walls standing over the long term. Masonry restoration is any number of procedures that are performed on a building or wall that’s already standing. This keeps them in good shape so they stay impervious to moisture and the elements.

This trade requires some tools and supplies that you might not have on hand normally. if you’re looking to build a masonry restoration toolbox, here’s what you need.


This is an obvious one. Whether you’re tuckpointing or just patching a spot or two, mortar is essential. Your mortar will have faded with age (and some mixes will be hard to match, especially if they’re old). Older or historic buildings may require expert help to get the color correct against the old mortar. Newer buildings may be fine with an adjustment to the mixture or a dye.

Hammer and chisel

Old mortar will probably need to be removed before you can add new mortar. That’s where a hammer and chisel come in handy. Sometimes a power chisel can make the job go faster, but sometimes you need the control that only elbow grease can give you. Keep both around.

Trowels and jointers

Trowels are used to drop and spread mortar wherever it’s meant to go. They are essential for repairs as well as tuckpointing. Jointers are used for tuckpointing to push mortar into joints and make them solid.

Brushes and sponges

Brushes are used to remove surface debris from areas that are going to receive mortar. Mortar won’t stick to an area that has a ton of debris, so it’s important to clean it beforehand. Sponges will clean a wider area but don’t pick up larger debris the same way a brush can.


Grinders can be used effectively to remove mortar and smooth surfaces. They aren’t capable of every job that you do because the powered tools will do more than non-powered tools, but if you have a large area that needs mortar removed or a surface smoothed a grinder will make it easy.

Your toolbox for mortar restoration should include all of these things to make sure you’re ready for anything. Make sure your maintenance crew has everything they need. And if you need a hand with mortar restoration, talk to us and we’ll help you get it right.