The damage water can do

Water infiltration is one of the most damaging problems you can run into, and it requires attention immediately. A building has a huge number of areas where water can come in. Water finds every path of least resistance and makes its way into the building to wreak havoc. It’s one of the most destructive and most pervasive elements you can run into when you’re building or maintaining a structure.

Physical damage is only one aspect. There are more factors involved. Water damage comes in many different forms.

Lost revenue

Water leaks are problems that aren’t just issues for the building. They’re issues for your employees too. Water leaks are a distraction at best and a complete work stoppage at worst. If a water leak causes your building to shut down, you’re not getting any work out of anyone.

Water damage can stop a business in its tracks. Make sure that doesn’t happen.

Property damage

Property damage and inventory damage are common issues that come from water leaks. If you have a water leak, you can’t really control where it comes in. Stored inventory can spoil or become unusable. Wood will rot. Steel will rust. Sheetrock will become soft. Furniture will fall to pieces.

You have to deal with this damage early to make sure you’re not dealing with worse issues down the line.

Injury risk

Leaks can cause an increased risk of slips and falls for your employees, which means more claims for workman’s compensation and insurance. That means lost man-hours and extra expense for your company. It could even lead to lawsuits.

Mold, mildew, and insects

You’ll wind up dealing with decay and other issues if you have a water leak, especially if it lasts for a long time. Wet areas will grow mold and mildew (and even algae if there’s a place where standing water can gather). Insects can be attracted to excess moisture too, which means you’ll run into even bigger problems down the line.

Water infiltration is a huge problem for any business. It creates problems that you can’t easily fix without getting at the root of the issue. Keep leaks away from your building and make sure you won’t run into problems with JK Industries.