How expensive is concrete?

Concrete has been a popular building material since the time of the Romans. It’s durable, moderate on price and fills a wide variety of applications. But is it as inexpensive over the long term?

Concrete maintenance costs

Concrete is a great material to work with, and if you’re willing to do a little bit of maintenance you can keep it in great condition for a long time. Your concrete structure can last a long time if properly maintained but if you let it slip it can cost you a lot more in repair costs.

As with anything, maintenance is cheaper than repair. You need to know what you’re getting into first. Maintenance matters, and if you ignore it you’ll cost yourself.

Sealing surfaces

It costs a lot to seal your concrete, but it saves you a lot of money over the long term. Sealed concrete is much more resistant to stains and chemicals, and it’s much less likely to take UV and water damage.

Joint seals

Your joints in your concrete are the first place that will fail. Expansion joints are made to move, but over time they’ll fail. They’re designated failure points in a concrete installation. The same goes for caulking and other joints.

If your joint starts to fail, you’ll see dirt and grime begin to collect. Water can sneak in and begin to affect the rebar that keeps your concrete together. You’ll see the concrete start to crack and buckle.

Keep your joints sealed. Note any seals that start to fail and get them replaced early.

Repairing cracks

Fine cracks are usually not a huge deal, but once they start to expand you’ll run into some issues. Ground can shift, and the freezing and thawing cycle can move your concrete so it creates cracks. If those cracks start to expand water can get in and crack it even further. You’ll see rebar breaking the concrete apart from underneath.

Some cracks can indicate larger problems, while others are fine. It may take an expert to know which one is which.

Concrete cleaning

Removing stains and other issues with the surface of your concrete isn’t hard, it just takes some commitment to maintenance. Check your methods on a small area first to make sure they won’t cause problems.

If you have any questions about concrete maintenance, talk to an expert. JK Industries knows what it takes to take care of concrete. We’ll help you maintain your building in the condition it’s supposed to be in.