Stop underground leaks

Leaks below the grade on your building are one of the worst possible problems you can face. They can easily go undetected, and because of their location they’re likely to get more water flow than leaks above ground. And they’re also hard to fix.

But it’s imperative that you take care of them. How can you find and fix these leaks?

Detecting leaks below ground

Outside of the obvious “look for water leaking” method, infrared thermography is the easiest way to find an underground leak. Moisture will change the temperature of a surface compared to the surrounding area, and with the right infrared camera you can measure the difference.

This is the best way to find these leaks. There are other methods that may work better above ground, but for below the grade the infrared method is superior.

Finding the cause

The parts of your building that lie below the ground exert tremendous pressure on the groundwater around them. If you have standing water in the area, that water can be injected forcibly into even tiny cracks and fissures.

Poor drainage, high water table, gutter problems or leaky irrigation can cause standing water issues that may lead to below-ground leaks. Keep tabs on all of these possible issues and take care of puddles the moment you see them crop up. Make sure you’re not allowing water to gain a foothold where it doesn’t belong.

Fixing below-ground leaks

The easiest way to fix the problem is usually the old-fashioned way: trenching all the way around the building, clearing away all the dirt, sealing leaks, then applying a waterproof covering over all the substrate and below-grade surfaces.

Some applications may require a more delicate touch, and in those situations polymers and grouts may be injected into problem areas.

If you see damage, standing water, gutter problems or other issues that can create below-ground leaks, don’t wait. Check for problems and get them fixed. At JK Industries, we have the experience, the equipment and the knowledge you need to keep your building safe. Call us today and schedule a consultation