Hail’s impact on stucco and EIFS

 Hail is one of the greatest dangers to any structure in the Great Plains. The hailstorms that can crop up during the winter can damage any exterior surface, but stucco and EIFS are in particular danger.

What do you need to do before and after a hailstorm to keep your building in top shape?

Before: repair minor damage

Stucco and EIFS are good exterior materials but they’re not infallible, especially if they have cracks or breaks in the surface. You should take a walk around the building to check for problems before storm season, especially if the building is older and the surface hasn’t been renewed in a while. Patch holes and cracks so water can’t reach below the building’s skin and wreak havoc. And if there are areas that need to be completely redone take care of it while it’s still a minor surface problem, not when you have water nibbling at your structural steel.

After: check for new damage

Hailstorms are a common cause of roof damage, but that’s not the only thing they can hit. Not all precipitation comes straight down. Hailstones can come sideways or diagonally, especially when the storm has high winds.

Stucco and EIFS can take heavy impact damage from large hail, and this damage can break the waterproof outer skin and create problem areas that need to be addressed. Over time stucco will crack or peel away if these are left untreated. Water can reach areas of the building that aren’t designed to repel it and cause rust and mold.

Occasionally the damage may be so severe that the stucco or EIFS has to be completely replaced. If you see significant damage it may be time to call an insurance adjuster. They can inspect the building and let you know if there’s bad enough damage that you need to repair the siding.

Small repairs can usually be taken care of by regular maintenance crews. But if you have to do large-scale stucco repair, it’s best to consult a professional. If your building’s been damaged by a hailstorm or your stucco needs repair, call JK Industries. We’ll tell you what needs to be fixed and give you a quote for our services. We want to help you keep your building safe.