Should you get your mortar repaired?

 Is your masonry in good shape?

Tuckpointing, or the process of replacing old and worn-out mortar with new mortar, is one of the key procedures in keeping old masonry up to standard. But if you’re trying to schedule a time to get it done, when is the best chance to have it done right? What does it take to get your mortar tuckpointed correctly?

What is tuckpointing?

Though brick and stone can last for an extremely long time by themselves, masonry tends to wear down more quickly, particularly in areas with high temperature variance like the Great Plains. The mortar is the weak point of any masonry construction, and that tends to wear down within 20 or 30 years.

Tuckpointing takes away this issue by tearing out the surface layers of mortar and replacing them with a fresh layer. It fixes the structural integrity of the wall, making it as strong as it was when it was originally put up.

Should I get my mortar repaired?

To figure out whether or not you should repair your mortar, take a quick look around the building.

Powdery mortar is a sure sign that you should get tuckpointing done. If the mortar is receding back from the brick line, that’s another bad sign. Crumbled mortar is an issue too. You may not see any mortar crumbling immediately—if you don’t, double check by taking a screwdriver and running it along the joint. If powder comes off, you need to get a repair done.

When do I get a repair done?

The realistic answer to this question is “as soon as possible”, because when mortar begins to break down it also affects the structure of the wall. But in practical terms, it’s only possible to begin tuckpointing once temperatures stay above freezing for multiple days in a row. You have to take care of it between the last and first frosts of the year. Get it done when you can, because the consequences for not fixing it are worse the longer you put it off. Damage from mortar cracks only compounds into more damage.

If you’re looking for a tuckpointing specialist to come repair your mortar, feel free to reach out to JK Industries. We’ll send out an expert to make sure your mortar is color matched, correctly applied and structurally sound. Call or visit us today to find out more about what we can do for your building.