Staying on top of building maintenance

 Mankind has been building structures for millennia, creating buildings that in some cases still stand today. We can see a tribute to the permanence of stone, brick, and concrete in the architecture of the Romans and the Greeks, some of which still stand today. 

Though materials and techniques change, not everything does. Steel and glass combine with stone, brick, and concrete to form the framework of the modern city.

Commercial buildings and structures are made of materials that are built to last. But does that mean they don’t need maintenance or upkeep?

By no means.

When you look closer, you can see the signs of wear that come with age, especially if maintenance and upkeep are ignored. Time and the environment will eventually wear down any structure, even one that’s well made. When structures start to deteriorate, it’s time to call in an expert.

Our expertise is exactly that—making old structures new again. JK Industries, Inc. provides services for restoration, waterproofing, and many other specialty building services. From building managers to government officials, we’ve worked with a huge array of owners and authorities to restore, maintain, and beautify existing buildings and structures.

Keeping the water out

One of the biggest things we do is waterproofing—it sounds simple, but there are a lot of areas that go into it.

Water is one of the biggest factors in building erosion and deterioration over time, and it’s the main factor in a large chunk of the work we do. Time will erode concrete, masonry, EIFS, and other building materials. Over time cracks may develop, which allows further intrusion by water that can cause big problems down the road. Concrete can crack and become structurally unsound. Supporting steel can rust and weaken. Masonry joints can crumble.

There are a variety of ways that we keep water out and heal damage that already exists, depending on the material, the age of the building, location, and other factors. It takes an expert eye to figure out the best way to do the job.

Rehabilitating your steel

Steel is one of the toughest materials commonly used in building, but it requires a degree of care to make sure it stays that way. It’s prone to rusting, which can create weakness and even collapse over time. We’re able to apply coatings that can keep that steel safe and structurally sound for the long haul.

When we’re cleaning and readying steel for this process, it often necessitates the use of blast cleaning. We’re one of the only QP2 certified contractors in the state, which means we’re able to recycle our blast media to avoid mess and pollution. It’s a completely efficient process—no mess or fuss to deal with for us, for you, or for the public.

Masonry restoration

We’ve all seen masonry buildings that haven’t been taken care of. It’s not hard to tell. Over time the mortar becomes loose and crumbly, and sections may fall out. Cracks develop as water makes its way in and freezes. Whether it’s a masonry “skin” or a load-bearing wall, it’s essential to keep this from happening. And if it’s happened already, it’s even more essential to get it fixed.

No matter what the masonry, we can fix it. We’ll remove crumbling mortar, tuckpoint old and worn joints, and treat the results with the proper sealant, membrane, or compound to make sure the water stays out.

Repairing the foundation

Foundations and below-ground concrete can be a real problem for some buildings, too. These unseen but important parts of a structure can deal with extremely high hydrostatic pressure from moisture compressed by the weight of the ground. Moisture around the concrete rises and falls, and the dirt expands and contracts. This can inject water into any faults or cracks that exist below the ground.

JK Industries, Inc. can help with below-ground waterproofing, too. We remove the soil, clean the substrate and foundation, and install a membrane that keeps the water out to stop deterioration for the long term.

Make your building like new

Whether you’re an engineer, a property management professional, or a building owner, JK Industries is able to help with your restoration and waterproofing needs. If your buildings need the restorative care that JK Industries, Inc. can provide, we’d be happy to help you. Contact us today for a consultation.