When is EIFS a good option?

EIFS, or exterior finish and insulation systems, is an option for building exteriors that can be finished in many different ways. It’s frequently used to achieve a stucco look without the cost and maintenance involved in traditional stucco, but it can also be finished to look like other types of stone.

EIFS can also be molded into almost any shape, so it’s even used for columns, arches, and other decorative features that might be cost-prohibitive if made out of stone. It can be used as the only exterior material or used in combination with other materials to create a unique look.

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering an EIFS exterior.


Early version of EIFS were prone to trapping moisture in the walls of a building and allowing mold to grow. Newer systems, however, are designed with better drainage and ventilation, which reduces the moisture concerns with this finish.


EIFS is relatively easy to clean, and it doesn’t need to be repainted like traditional stucco. Because most systems use an acrylic binder, it resists fading, yellowing, and chalking over time much better than other exterior finishes. It’s also an extremely flexible material, which means it prevents cracking due to temperature changes or movement of the building.

While EIFS is a durable material, problems can still occur. It should be inspected regularly to watch for any signs of cracking, moisture penetration, or damage from hail or other hard objects. Any damaged areas should be fixed in a timely manner to prevent water from seeping through the surface and leading to further damage. EIFS repairs should be done by a qualified professional, as mistakes can be costly.

Energy efficiency

The walls of a building can be a major source of heat and air conditioning loss, and EIFS reduces air infiltration significantly when compared to brick and wood construction. The insulation boards used in most EIFS installations also have a good R-value, which combined with the standard insulation in the wall results in an even higher R-value overall.

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