Four ways water infiltration causes damage

Water can infiltrate a building in any number of ways—through a leaky roof, improperly sealed windows, cracks in the walls, or leaks from pipes inside the building. Anyone who has ever experienced a water infiltration issue knows how quickly water can cause major problems.

But for a business, the potential problems go beyond just the physical damage, although that is certainly still a factor.

Here are four ways water infiltration causes damage.

Damage to property or inventory

Water infiltration in your building can damage not only your property, but also your inventory or other assets. Water dripping from above can short out technology, standing water on the floor can damage furniture, and water in the walls can cause wood and insulation to rot.

Lost revenue due to impact on employees

Whether a water issue is minor or major, it’s likely to disrupt the workday for some of your employees. That could mean anything from being distracted by a water leak to being unable to work at all. If the water damage is significant enough to require interior office repairs, you may have employees who can’t work in their office during those repairs.

Increased risk of injury to employees

Water that gets inside your building is eventually going to settle in the lowest spot it can find. If that lowest spot is the floor, you may have an increased risk of slips or falls by employees. Such conditions can increase your risk of a workers’ compensation claim if an employee is injured and even the possibility of a lawsuit if a customer sustains an injury.

Additional problems created by excess moisture

In the right conditions, excess moisture leads to mold and mildew, which can lead to health concerns for employees and increased insurance claims or lost productivity for the employer. Excess moisture can also attract insects, which can cause further damage to your building and increase costs to remedy the situation.

With multiple ways that water infiltration can cause damage to your building and your business, it’s important to identify water infiltration early and resolve it as soon as possible. If you need assistance with waterproofing your building or identifying the source of water infiltration, contact JK Industries today.

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