The effects of hot weather on concrete

Hot summer temperatures during concrete installation can have an impact on both strength and lifespan. Since temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit begin to have an impact on concrete, it’s difficult to avoid pouring concrete in such heat. Here’s how heat affects concrete and how to work around it.

Accelerated setting

Concrete is poured as a mixture of water, aggregate, and cement that hardens as it dries. Not surprisingly, high heat can cause concrete to set up faster. While quicker setting time may seem like a positive, it’s really not. The accelerated setting reduces the workability of the concrete as it’s being poured, which can impact how well the concrete spreads and how smooth the surface appears.

Reduced strength

One of the ways to slow down the setting time of concrete in hot weather is to add more water to the mix, which allows for longer workability of the concrete. However, more water in the mix means reduced strength for the concrete overall. During hot summer temperatures, it’s important to find the right balance between workability and strength.

Increased tendency to crack

Concrete hardens when the water in the mixture evaporates. At increased temperatures, the water evaporates faster and may result in cracks in the concrete. Cracks can also occur after the concrete has hardened due to shrinkage from excess water in the concrete mix.

While hot weather does create challenges for concrete, there are several ways to reduce the impact and ensure high-quality concrete installation even during hot weather. Some of the options include protecting the area from the sun and wind, adjusting the time of concrete placement, increasing the number of laborers working on the project, and increasing the humidity of the surrounding area to slow drying time.

Professionals with experience in concrete installation can work with you to ensure a quality result for your concrete project despite extreme temperatures. Call us today for more information about our concrete restoration services.

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