Spring checklist for commercial building maintenance

Spring in Oklahoma can be beautiful, but it can also be pretty harsh when it comes to rain, hail, and heat. These spring maintenance tasks can keep your building looking its best and prevent serious problems from developing.

Clean sidewalks and parking lots

Winter months can be harsh on sidewalks and parking lots, especially if any products were applied to melt ice or increase traction during winter weather. Early spring months can also result in a lot of tree debris accumulating on sidewalks as trees lose their spring blossoms.

Sidewalks may need to be washed multiple times through the spring months, but a single cleaning of a parking lot should be sufficient. In most cases, power washing with water should be enough to clear away tree debris and dirt and grime. If stubborn stains require a chemical cleaner, be sure to choose carefully and test it in a small location first. Also be careful that the chemical cleaner for the sidewalk doesn’t splash on the exterior of the building, which could result in damage to certain materials.

Check irrigation systems and faucets

Depending on the landscaping of your commercial building, you may use an irrigation system frequently or hardly at all during the spring months. If you do have an irrigation system, inspect all sprinkler heads and lines to ensure they are in good working order to avoid any leaks.

Check your outdoor faucets and any exposed pipes for any signs of leaking. If you see signs of leaks, contact a plumber to fix the problem as soon as possible to avoid costly damage from a larger water leak.

Inspect the roof and windows

It’s a good idea to inspect the roof during the spring to check for any signs of leaks. Pay close attention to any seams on the roof, places where flashing may be damaged, or any shingles that appear damaged. All of these are possible places for water to infiltrate your building and cause major damage.

Water can also seep in around windows if the caulking or seals are damaged or worn. Inspect all exterior windows and replace caulking or seals as needed to keep spring rains outside.

Service HVAC systems

Spring temperatures can be all over the place, but we all know summer’s right around the corner, and that means HVAC systems working overtime. Now is the time to service your systems and test that they’re fully functioning before you actually need them.

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