Proper installation and maintenance of EIFS exterior

EIFS, or Exterior Insulation and Finish System, is a great product that can be used to create a unique building exterior. Also called synthetic stucco, it consists of insulated boards with thin synthetic coatings on top to create the desired look for the exterior surface.

As the name suggests, EIFS helps insulate the building, whereas a traditional stucco exterior does not. The product has been popular since the 1960s because of its role in increasing the energy efficiency of a building.

As with any exterior surface, proper installation is critical. If not installed and maintained properly, EIFS exteriors can leak. Older applications of EIFS may have a higher risk of developing mold between the layers due to inadequate drainage, although newer installations of EIFS typically do not typically have the same risk if properly maintained.

For new installations of EIFS, be sure to ask plenty of questions to ensure your contractor has extensive installation experience. It’s also important to note that all installations of EIFS should be a system that is specifically engineered to work together, not a selection of separate products used together.

With proper maintenance, an EIFS exterior can serve your building well for many years. Be sure to follow these tips.

Regular cleaning

As with any building exterior, an EIFS exterior can become stained over time. Regular cleaning can keep the exterior looking its best, but be sure to use an appropriate cleaning method that will not damage the surface.

Seasonal inspections

You should inspect your EIFS exterior on a regular basis, such as each season or each quarter. Look for any cracking at the corners or around window openings, staining from prolonged exposure to ice or snow, moisture penetration around cracks, or impact damage from hail.

Timely repairs

Any signs of impact to the surface or moisture penetration should be addressed immediately to prevent further damage. Water infiltration can lead to mold, which results in a more costly repair and remediation. With EIFS exteriors, you should contact an experienced professional, as poorly executed repairs can also be costly. A professional can also help you determine the underlying cause of the issue to prevent it in the future.

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