What’s the benefit of sandblasting?

Sandblasting is a technique that involves projecting small pieces of material at high speeds to clean or smooth a surface. When used correctly, it’s a great method for cleaning a variety of imperfections from surfaces. There are certainly some risks with using any cleaning method improperly, but there are many benefits to sandblasting.

Quick and efficient

Sandblasting is much quicker than cleaning methods like hand brushing, so it saves time while achieving quality results. It would take many hours to clean the exterior of a building by hand, but sandblasting makes quick work of even large projects. Project cleanup is generally quick and efficient, too.

Useful for multiple surfaces

Sandblasting is often used on concrete, but it can also be used on metal and other hard surfaces, whether large or small. While sandblasting can be used for general cleaning, it’s also an important step in preparing a surface for a protective coating. It removes dirt and other contaminants from the surface to allow better adhesion of the coating when applied.

Environmentally friendly

There are a lot of toxic chemicals on the market for cleaning. Sometimes they’re necessary based on the type of surface and type of stain, but sandblasting is an environmentally friendly cleaning option. The product used in sandblasting is harmless to the environment, and it’s non-toxic for the person operating the equipment. Typical sandblasting products are also considered safe if inhaled, unlike most chemical-based cleaning products.

While sandblasting is efficient, useful for multiple services, and environmentally friendly, that doesn’t mean anyone can do it. High-powered sand blasted at a surface can cause damage if used incorrectly, which could include using the wrong product, spraying from close proximity, or using sandblasting on the wrong surface. It’s a practice best left to the professionals for a quality outcome.

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