Tips for maintaining your stucco exterior

The beauty and look of stucco is iconic, especially in historic buildings. Its seamless design highlights architectural details while maintaining a cohesive appearance.

However, when stucco starts to deteriorate, it is more than just an eyesore. The compromised areas can lead to water infiltration and damage to your building.

So, how can you maintain your stucco exterior to ensure the look and integrity of your building? Here are a few tips.

Regular inspection

Just like you change the air filters in your building monthly, you need to routinely inspect the stucco surfaces on your building. While inspecting look for:

  • Overgrown vegetation near the surface
  • Water ponding or leaks near stucco walls
  • Cracks in the surface
  • Chipping or flaking of the surface
  • Staining of the surface
Immediate repairs

If you notice any of the above issues while inspecting the stucco surface, repairs should be made as soon as practical to prevent further deterioration.

Trim landscaping so that it does not come into contact with the stucco. Reroute drains or gutters to channel water flow away from the building. Repair any cracks, flaking, chipping, or holes.

Keep it clean

Dirt and debris can stick to stucco and lead to wear on the surface. Prevent this by cleaning the stucco surface regularly. Generally, spraying it down with a pressure sprayer is sufficient. However, be aware that using high pressure or too much pressure can damage the surface. Use only the amount of pressure necessary to remove the dirt and debris.

If you have staining on your stucco, there are cleaning solutions available to remove them. But, these should be used with caution and only when needed.

With regular inspection and immediate repairs, you will greatly extend the life of your stucco exterior. If you have further questions regarding your stucco property, please contact us.

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