Pedestrian and vehicular traffic coatings

Your buildings and the areas surrounding them are some of your biggest investments. Long-term, preventative maintenance is key to sustaining the integrity of the property.

Over time pedestrian and vehicular traffic can wear down surfaces and allow exposure to the elements. An effective solution is pedestrian and vehicular traffic coatings.

What Are They?

Whether it is a parking garage or pedestrian ramp, the commonly traveled surfaces on your property receive wear. As the surfaces wear down, exposure to water, ice, snow, and ultraviolet light from the sun all compound the wear.

Pedestrian and vehicular coatings act as a membrane between the surface and traffic to extend the life of your surface.

How Do They Protect?

There are many varieties of these coatings on the market. However, common characteristics among them include:

  • Elastomer. These coatings have elastomeric properties which act as a water repellant and flexible coating over a hard surface.
  • Waterproof. Since concrete is porous, the coating acts as a barrier to prevent water seepage and damage.
  • Skid-resistant. Many of these types of coatings provide a non-skid surface as an extra measure of safety.
Surface Preparation and Installation

Applying these coatings can be complex. So, it is essential to work with an experienced professional.

Coatings need to be applied to properly prepared surfaces. This can include power washing, sandblasting, or using chemical solvents. The preparation allows the coating to properly adhere to the surface.

Once the preparation is complete, the coating can be applied. The application should be scheduled when there is no traffic over the area for a designated period.

To see if pedestrian or vehicular coatings may be the right choice for your property, please contact us. We can meet with you to discuss this and other preventative maintenance strategies.

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