How we fix hail damage to EIFS and Stucco

Stucco and EIFS are very popular types of veneers in commercial construction. Unfortunately, they’re vulnerable to hail, and Oklahoma has plenty of hail to go around.

As we head deeper into the storm season, it’s important to know the damage that hail can cause, and how it can be repaired.

Any damage to the surface of a stucco or EIFS veneer is a chink in the armor of the structure. Once there’s an exposure, more water can infiltrate the masonry.

Over time, that masonry wears away until the steel structure of the building is corroding. Then we’re heading into some very bad territory for your building.

What should concern you about EIFS and stucco is that surface damage from a hailstorm can be difficult to spot for the untrained eye. Everyone can see a big gash in the wall, but these surfaces can be damaged in ways that are harder to spot. And, of course, you won’t see any resulting damage until the situation has gotten worse.

There are two types of service that we typically perform on an EIFS or stucco veneer.


When there is a low volume of hail or small hail, we don’t see a lot of buildings that need total resurfacing. In these cases, there might be a few gouges here and there in the veneer of the building. We can typically repair those areas without having to do more extensive work.


When a storm drops golf ball-sized hail or larger, we sometimes see situations in which entire walls need to be resurfaced. These are cases where veneers have been severely damaged.

You may have seen this before, after a bad storm. The walls of buildings look like the surface of the moon. When that happens, you’re looking at more than a patch job. In those cases, we’re rebuilding a surface.

Has hail damaged your building? Not sure, and want a professional to come check it out? Call JK Industries for your masonry repair needs.

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