How elastomeric coatings defend your building

If you own a building, there are two challenges when it comes to the exterior. The outside of your building must be attractive, but it also must be protected against the elements.

Water is the enemy when it comes to masonry surfaces like concrete, stucco and EIFS. And those are the most commonly-used materials for commercial and industrial construction.

When you paint those surfaces, you need to use a coating that can keep water from infiltrating the masonry. Elastomeric coatings fit the bill, although they’re not perfect.

Find out what you need to know about elastomeric coatings, and how they can best be used to create attractive, impermeable surfaces.

What are elastomeric coatings? Why are they a good choice?

Elastomeric coatings are thick acrylic coatings that are applied in films many times thicker than your average acrylic paint. That thickness alone provides extra protection for masonry surfaces.

As the name implies, elastomeric coatings are “stretchy.” For our purposes, this is important because elastomeric coatings can fill cracks and gaps. Furthermore, they’re elastic enough to deal with temperature fluctuations that cause expansion and shrinking.

Lastly, elastomeric coatings are waterproof. There are plenty of ways for water to attack your building. Rainwater drips constantly. In the winter, it freezes. During thunderstorms, water is driven by the wind into your walls. Elastomeric coatings can take that kind of punishment and protect your investment.

Are there any drawbacks to elastomeric coatings?

One drawback is that you won’t be able to order elastomeric coatings in dark colors. When exposed to sunlight, elastomeric tend lighten in color or “chalk.” If you’re looking for durability but want a dark color, there is hope.

For darker colors, you can use an exterior acrylic paint over top of an elastomeric coating. Used together, you can get the look that you want and the protection you need to keep your walls standing.

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