5 ways to keep your building structurally sound

The secret to a long-lasting building is regular maintenance. Ignoring small repairs and cleaning leads to expensive problems.

Here are a few of the most important maintenance tasks that can keep your building in good condition.


Over time, any building will collect dirt naturally. The Oklahoma wind drives dirt into the walls of your building. Rust staining and efflorescence can make your masonry unsightly.

Building maintenance experts can fix this with water blasting, sand blasting, and dry ice blasting. A clean building is more attractive to customers and shows that you care about making a good impression

Mortar repair

Concrete and brick can last throughout the ages. The mortar in between, however, cannot. Mortar crumbles. When it does, water can infiltrate your masonry veneer and destroy it. We recommend regular maintenance and tuckpointing to protect your masonry.


If you own a commercial building with a masonry surface, odds are you’ve had it painted. Exterior acrylic paints and elastomeric coatings break down over time. They collect dirt and ultimately succumb to the elements.

You can get ahead of this problem by having your building repainted when signs of wear and tear begin.

Sealing and waterproofing

Joints and seals break down over years of exposure to the weather. They aren’t always clearly visible to the naked eye, but worn seals let in water. Water breaks down the masonry. That’s no good.

One common building maintenance task is to replace these worn seals on joints, windows, and flashing. Keep up on fixing these seals and you won’t have to deal with a major restoration project later.

Leak Detection

If you missed a worn seal or crumbling mortar, there’s a chance that water is infiltrating your building. A good building maintenance contractor can check regularly for leaks to make sure that damage isn’t happening out of sight.

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