Hail damage: It’s not just a cosmetic issue

With the stormy months rolling in, people will start worrying about hail damage once more. It wrecks car windows and roofs. But for commercial buildings, hail can cause a significant amount of damage that you may not see until it’s too late.

In this post, we’ll talk about how hail damage can result in even more long-term damage over time.

More than just cosmetics

When a bad hail storm rolls through, the first thing that we all notice is the cosmetic damage. Signs are knocked out. Windows are busted. If the hail is big enough, the masonry on your exterior walls winds up looking like the moon’s surface.

When left open to the elements, this damaged surface allows water to infiltrate the masonry. Water infiltration leads to several problems. It can cause serious structural damage if that exposure isn’t repaired.

In the case of a hailstorm, damage to the roof of your structure can allow water to damage both the interior and exterior surfaces.

Some damage is hard to detect

If your building has an EIFS or stucco surface, your building could be at risk even after smaller hailstorms. The surface of your masonry can compromised even without obvious signs of damage.

In some cases, you won’t know that the damage has occurred until you start seeing more serious symptoms of water infiltration, particularly mold. By the time these problems are detected, the damage could be extensive and cost you quite a bit of money to fix.

Get an evaluation after hail storms

At JK Industries, we are trained to find and diagnose structural problems resulting from hail storms. We’ll help you get your building’s masonry back to top condition, and prevent water from infiltrating your building. If you’re worried that a hail storm may have damaged your building, give us a call.

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